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on a mountain

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Basel, ch
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maths student, back at university since September 2007 In my first life I was a marine geologist. When I finish maths, I hope to find a job where I can combine geology and maths. And yes, I am slightly weird.
Favorite TV Shows:
Me and my old band revival concert for the singer's 40th birthday, 26th of December 2007.
Favorite Movies:
Obelix, gorgeous wife and goblin. (PS: CA sends me personally to the homes of posters who misbehave)
Favorite Quotes:
- La Guerre de Cent Ans -:- The Hundred Years War - Teamleader - on a mountain The team: Vasileos, B5Draal, theStig with contributions from =NF= the Naked Fanatics VERSION 0.8 HAS BEEN RELEASED AT TWC (released December 2008) Features: - Completely New Map of England and France with 113 regions, made from scratch. - Six factions: The two main combatants (england and france) and four satellites (savoy, aragon, hre, and burgundy), allying themselves to one of the main parties while pursuing their own goals. - Starting date: 1337, ends (officially): 1453, 2 turns per year (winter/summer). Navigatable rivers: four rivers (Rhine, Seine, Garonne, and Rhone) will be navigatable for fleets Unruly provinces: Will the welsh stay loyal to the english crown, or make an attempt at gaining their own freedom back? Vast territories: this is a large map! The overall map is about 20% larger than the original M2, with considerably more landmass In depth historic research: we have read our books. In french and in english. While the mod tries to keep as close as possible to reality, we are not realism-fanatics. The priority is fun, and if it can be close to historic facts, well, that's a bonus! "I sentence you, in my capacity as steward of England, to be drawn to the gallows, hanged, beheaded and quartered." John of Gaunt to the earl of Arundel, during Parliament proceedings September 1396 (to which the King Richard II added that due to rank the man need only be beheaded)

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